WHAT IS BRANDING: The LOOK, FEEL, 6th SENSE/TRUST, SOUND, SMELL - A GUT FEELING about a product or service of company. The Residue of what People Remember you for. Your Credibility. ONLY THEN, do we create your Style Guide, LOGO, Tag Line, Web Sites, Colours, Fonts, Tone, Space, and Intent.

"The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Parts"- Aristotle.

The Communications Landscape has changed rapidly through the powerful drum of Social Media, and also the global Pandemic. Customers & Clients now want to 'feel' a sincere authenticity for your Brand with the clear message that you care more about people than just making money - that your values are aligned with theirs, and that your company is 'Special'. 

ANI-IMC PR have mapped-out and created company Branding Identities and Journeys through Visual and Written Voice in 4 countries. We are driven to create custom Authentic Brand Personalities that brings out the YOU in YOU to build TRUST with your target audience.  We USE OUR 6 SENSES based on years of knowledge, analytical SWOT research and intuitive experience TO CONJURE YOUR UNIQUE MAGNETISM & KEY SIGNATURE.