High Quality VIDEO, VOICE and PHOTOGRAPHY are a must for your Marketing Tool-Kit, used daily in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Company Profiles, Bid Proposals, Training Material, ADs, EDM's, Newsletters, Landing Pages, Web Sites, Biogs - and more.

PHOTOGRAPHY & Video Marketing is your Key Branding Resource to connect with your Clients & your Staff in a Blink. Therefore the Quality, Location, Creative Direction, Styling, Content Key Messages, Script Writing, Sound, Editing - and the timing - needs to be spot on. From our experience, Clients who produce an "inhouse-video-job" for their marketing toolbox, tend to upload once for staff moral, and then scrap it. If you are a professional services provider, you cannot afford to look second rate - even for your staff training sessions.  Australia Business News: 

"82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads in 2024" 

VOICE is such an intimate magnet that immediately turns your customer off - or ON. We match your Branding with voices that resonate with your key messages and story-telling - be it for telephone messages, podcasts, ADS, videos, presentations, & radio. We also provide VOICE TRAINING for your key spokespersons.

Podcasts are King for Content Development. 1 Podcast Interview = 40+ re-purposed content grabs for media releases, media radio interview tests, videos scripts, emails, social spots, infographics, community ... and more... "Deloitte, predicts the Aussie market is growing faster than the rest of the world, with 1.6 million Australians now tuning in... and annual revenues reaching $47 million by the end of 2024".

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY is mandatory to get quick-response quality media coverage - it also tells a story about YOU, YOUR PRODUCT / PROJECT, and YOUR COMPANY's PERSONALITY. Our trained 'eye' comes from years and years of analysing Shots fit for purpose. What you or your project teams may consider is a 'great shot', often lacks the Media Formula to get published - or doesn't evoke an authentic seductive 'feeling' of wanting to 'jump in the photo" and experience your product eg: in Company Profiles, Tender Bid Docs., Social Media, etc. Our expert team works with you to capture staged and of-the-moment excellent Shots.